Podcasts Are the New Sound of the Towing and Recovery Industry

Tow Business Podcast

The towing and recovery industry is getting a digital boost with a new podcast, titled Tow Business Podcast, which is believed to be the first for the business sector.

According to Brad McIntosh, co-partner of Tow Business Podcast, the free platform – whose motto is "There's No Business like Tow Business" – was created to help educate and unify the towing industry around pivotal issues affecting company owners.

The aim is to maximize business through honest conversation and a sense of humor, says McIntosh, who has many interests in the towing and recovery industry, from running a multi-operation towing, recovery and body shop company in the Midwest to providing seminars on business topics.

McIntosh has partnered in the venture with Jeff Poquette, an active member in the towing and recovery field since 1989. His experience ranges from towing company owner-operator to creating the model that would become the Tow Business Podcast. The two bring an industry insider's perspective to the podcast that listeners appreciate.

"Awesome shows and I recommend listening!!!" wrote a listener on Facebook.

"I am very pleased to have a podcast that deals with the everyday struggles of a very diverse and complicated industry. I have been in the business 43 years, and wouldn’t trade it for anything," wrote another reviewer.

Thus far, McIntosh and Poquette have released four, 45-minute episodes covering such topics as recruiting and retaining employees (two parts), motor clubs and an introduction to the podcast. In addition, the duo created a "bonus" episode on the Slow Down Move Over law.

Tow Business Podcast plans a live taping at the upcoming Florida Tow Show, April 11 to 14, in Orlando, Florida, considered the largest international tow show.

Towing and recovery is a 24/7 business, and towing company owners are always on the go. They often can be found behind the wheel of their tow trucks, rumbling down local and distant roads.

That's why the Tow Business Podcast is ideal for the industry. Listeners can download and tune in according to their own schedule and convenience, whether in the office, in the truck cab or at home.

The Tow Business Podcast mobile app can be downloaded for Android phones in the Google Play Store. The Apple version will be released soon. The podcast itself can be downloaded on any device at http://towbusinesspodcast.com, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Libsyn, among others.

Learn more about Tow Business Podcast at http://towbusinesspodcast.com. Contact the podcast at info@towbusinesspodcast.com or 802-395-1171. 

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